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Splice For Fine Magnet Wire

Product Description

ZHAOZHUANG new fine aluminum(Al)magnet wire splice accommodates wires of 0. 14 to 0.32mm. This addresses the needs of a growing number of motor and solenoid manufacturers who are switching to fine(<0. 32mm)Al magnet wires to reduce product cost and weight. Prior to introduction of this splice, traditional soldering/welding processes were still being used foerminations of these wires, as existing ZHAOZHUANG splices could only accommodate Al wires larger than 0.32mm. This new open barrel, pigtail splice fills the gap at the lower end of the ZHAOZHUANG splice size range. It can accommodate up to three fine Al magnet wires plus a cooper stranded lead wire (400 to 1500 CMA total). By converting to this new splice applied with a SF-3000 terminal crimping machine, customers using fine Al magnet wire can eliminate traditional soldering/welding. Reducing labor and imporving efficiency with our IDC crimp technology.

Features &4 Benefits
1. Accommodate up to three fine Al magnet wires plus a copper stranded lead wire (400 to 1500 CMA total)in a single splice for efficient connectivity.
2. Imporve production effciency with IDC compression crimp feature that does not require pre-stripping of magnet wires. It penetrates the magnet wire insulation while simultaneously terminating wires.
3. Help reduce applied cost and increase connection reliability by eliminating possible errors such as cold solder joints, weld burns and wire embrittlement that might occur during soldering/welding.
4. Enable higher production rates withiong formed and strip-fed splices applied with SF-3000 terminating machine wire crimping machine.
5. Provides a mechanically strong, superior electrical connection free of contaminants such as stripper residue and solder flux.